GIFs about making GIFs!

Below are some GIFs made by Jeremey documenting our group’s process.

It has been a busy few weeks of shooting footage and editing to make everyone’s concept come to life. By now everyone is finalizing their GIFs and sending them to Heather to be put into Final Cut to make our combined video. We have been thinking a lot about the design of the final product and how the GIFs will work together in a unified piece. Our hope is to be able to create the look of an old television that’s on the fritz and keeps changing channels. Each GIF will be looped a few times before it is interrupted by static or some other interference (see examples) which will transition us to the next GIF. Each GIF will also have it’s own audio that will switch. The end result will be something very dynamic and a little crazy, but with enough common elements to keep the viewer engaged and clear on the main concept of fears.


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